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1. The Postcard

Heroes of Duty

Capturing Lava

Listening to Volcanoes

Eternally Vigilant

Frank Perret


2. The Engineer

An Electric Mess

Perret's  Electric Motor

A Perret Motor at Work

At The World's Fair

Perret's Electric Car


3. Rescued

Burnt Steamship

The Deadly Moment

The Hospital

Ruined House

Scientist in the Ruins

A Nuée Ardente


4. The Cabinet Volcano

Vesuvius Map

El Epitaffio

Vesuvius in Infrared

Earthquake Faults

Monte Nuovo


5. Eyewitnesses

The Oldest Image of Vesuvius

The Death of Pliny

Sir William Hamilton

A Night Visit in 1766

Always Changing

King Ferdinand

The 1794 Eruption


The Pompeii Dead

Lady Hamilton as a Bacchante

The Eruption of October 22, 1822

Pierre Jacques Volaire

The Changing Crater Cone


6. Visitors

Climbing to the Peak

The Portantinas


The Easy Way Up

Riding the Rail

A Local Hothead

Darkness on the Bay


7. The Observatory

The Eruption of 1895

Perret's Eruption Diagrams

A New Scientific Tool

Unlimited Energy

The Observatory

Vittorio Matteucci

Shelter In the Field

A Gift from His Beloved


The Closing Crater

Gathering a Lava Sample


8. The Eruption

Phase I

Perret Envelope

The Beginning of the End

The Ash Plume Grows

The Scythe Above

Upwind of the Volcano

Up Close and Personal

Flashing Arcs

The Giant Plume

A Magnificent Sight


 9. The Eruption

Phase II

Deadly Beauty

A Barrier of Stone

A Somber Morning

Implacable Lava

Dangerous Ash

The Deadly Plume

Electrified Dust Cloud

Darkness at Noon

A Sea of Stone

Emergency Rations

Cut Off

Shoveling Out


10. The Eruption

Phase III

A Powerful Wall

The Church at Bosco Trecase

A Gray World


The Mountain Remade

Frank Alvord Perret

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