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I would like to thank Shaun Hardy, Librarian at the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Washington, for his kind assistance during my research. I would also like to thank the Carnegie Institution for allowing me to use pictures from its publications on this website.

Cindy Murphy, Librarian at the Connecticut Valley Historical Museum, in Springfield, Massachusetts, provided invaluable assistance, as did Dave Stier and Dick Stenberg at the Springfield Science Museum.

Thanks also to Tucker Hood, for his creativity and hard work on this website.

And I would especially like to thank the following volcanologists and geologists for their patient instruction in the field and during personal conversations andApril 5 interviews:

    Boris Behnke

    Wendell Duffield

    Jacques Durieux

    Henry Gaudru

    John Guest

    Armann Hoskuldsson

    Clive Oppenheimer

    Giovanni Orsi

    Michael Ort

    Ronnie van Overmeeren

    Kevin Scott

    Claus Siebe

    Freystein Sigmundsson

    Haraldur Sigurdsson

    Steve Sparks

    Bob Tilling

    Simon Young

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